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Nice 49 Relaxing Bedroom Lighting Decor Ideas. More at…

Webb and Brown-Neaves (WB Homes) – The Cascades Display Home Review

While not quite a display village the two homes displayed in Herdsman by the ABN Group are still worth the visit. The Cascades displayed by Webb & Brown-Neaves is the big brother to the APG Homes display next door. The Cascades displays the standard design templates commonly used in the W & B range and is easily recognisable as a part of their home building portfolio.

Boasting a triple garage and a timeless facade it’s also nice to see a water wise front garden which the home owners who purchase this display home when it finally goes on sale will definitely appreciate. A splash of red features in a low feature wall which may otherwise have made the home disappear in a cloud of beige.

Entering through the glazed front door the theatre room opens immediately to the right. It’s a reasonable size and would comfortably cater for the whole family. A discrete powder room and Laundry are tucked between the theatre and master bedroom ensuite which I’m not sure would be too popular especially as the ensuite is open which could make the washing machine and dryer noise travel into the bedroom if they are running at night.

A fantastic open plan Kitchen, Dining and Family room with a 2 storey void opening above create an amazing sense of space with full height feature windows bringing in an enormous amount of light to the living area. Opening out to a great entertaining area which you’ve come to expect from every Webb & Brown home including a BBQ area and a raking ceiling, again providing more space. Unusually the Alfresco is noted as an ‘upgrade’ to the home, which is odd as I’m not sure why you’d build a home these days without one. The Kitchen itself is fairly standard for this price level and while definitely a nice kitchen, it’s lacking any real ‘wow factor’.

Upstairs has three bedrooms which are all double sized with one of the bedrooms having its own dedicated bathroom and another with a semi-ensuite shared by two of the bedrooms. I think this is a great idea for even more privacy and liveability. With the increase of dual occupancy homes becoming popular (where the home has shared ownership by two families | brother and sister | Empty Nesters and retired parents) the functionality of this first floor could be a perfect solution.

The sitting room upstairs is huge and has an open balustrade overlooking the Family room below. From an energy efficiency point of view I don’t like this, but some people love this style of home and like the connection it brings so the family doesn’t feel too disconnected in such a large home. Practicality versus principles – this is one argument I’m staying away from.

Gripe: The balcony to the front of the home really adds nothing and it still surprises me that home owners are willing to spend so much on something that does so little. It’s like buying a new Hyundai i20 and parking it on your front lawn and not driving it for 15 years. Why spend that much money on something you don’t use?

Ok, so practicality doesn’t win over emotional decisions, but with the price of housing increasing I’d love to see some of Perths home builders be bold and provide features that add to liveability.

Recommendations to potential buyers:

  1. If you’ve lived in a home where the master bedroom is in close proximity to the laundry you might agree with me and prefer it is moved. The most practical location would be on the side of the Kitchen however with some blocks this may not be possible. It also presents a problem with the powder room position.
  2. Think about your heating and cooling costs with such a large open space over two levels. You may want to close the sitting room upstairs. This, interestingly enough may actually be a cheaper option than the current display version.


  • Price: $630,540 for the display version with triple garage


  • Ground Floor House 160.80 m²
  • Garage 59.94 m²
  • Porch 2.71 m²
  • Alfresco 24.90 m²
  • First Floor House 166.98 m²
  • Balcony 12.04 m²
  • Overall Area: 427.37 m²

Display Version Price p/m² = $1,475 p/m²

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